Quick Facts

    • Population : 410,000
    • Language : Dhivehi (English widely spoken)
    • Capital City : Malé City
    • Electric current : 220-240 V, 50 Hz (British Standard)
    • Major Industries: Tourism, Fishing and Shipping
    • Number of Resorts : 160 (Operational)
    • Number of Guest Houses : 612 (Operational)
    • Number of Live-aboards : 130 (Operational)
  • Climate : Tropical
  • Religion : Sunni Muslim.
  • Currency : Rufiyaa(Notes) and Laari(Coins)

Intro Video

While very little is known about the ancient history of the Maldives scholars and historians believe that the Maldives is an old nation populated well over 2500 years ago. The Maldivian race is the result of several waves of settlement from various parts of the Indian subcontinent and thousands of years of interactions of people of different races and ethnicities that crisscrossed the Indian Ocean over several centuries. The country’s culture and traditions and the diverse physical traits of the people bear witness to the fact that the country was, due to its geographical location, a melting pot of people and cultures.

The Maldives is well connected with the rest of the world. Several flights from Europe, Middle East and South East Asia operate to Velana International Airport, the main gateway to the Maldives. The highest international traffic is from Colombo, Sri Lanka, various Indian cities and Dubai, while several scheduled and charter flights bring in passengers from all major European capitals, and South East Asian cities.